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Graham Newing - Artist Statement
All my work is made on the wheel, with some pieces being thrown & assembled later. I use Spencroft SSB8G stoneware clay,
but occasionally incorporate "T" material for larger assembled work & fire to 1280'C.
 I have been making pottery for over 50 years having recognised my desire to be a Potter at the age of 15 while attending
Wimbledon School of Art.
Pottery has been my sole living, starting out in Denby & Guernsey Pottery. There I gained valuable throwing & manufacturing
management skills. With these I was enabled  to start a workshop with Lord Weymouth & the Bull Mill Group at Longleat
House & later to become successfully self employed in my own Studio in Westbury, Wiltshire in 1969. I decided to re-locate to
Carmarthenshire in 2006.
My recent claim to fame, is being in conversation with Margaret Crump in Ceramic Review, Issue 234 p.50-54 Nov/ Dec 2008!
Over the years my inspiration  has changed from organic soft fungus forms inspired by natural flow, evolving now,  into more
classical shapes in monochrome matt glaze decoration. Mainly graffito, white - magnesium carbonate & black - cobalt,
manganese & iron oxides. The decoration is designed to accentuate & sometimes to oppose the contours of the pot!  There
are influences from classical Greek, African art & elements of art nouveau.
I find the challenge of a limited pallet & style exciting & rewarding, with never ending possibilities & encounters with my
imagination. My work has been described as European, elegant & sophisticated!